Neil J. Young is an independent scholar of U.S. history, focusing on post-1945 religion, politics, and culture. His first book,  We Gather Together: The Religious Right and the Problem of Interfaith Politics  (Oxford, 2015), explores the rise of the Religious Right and the challenges of building religious and political alliances among conservative evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons.  He is currently conducting research on one of Hollywood's most famous icons. Neil holds an A.B. from Duke University and a Ph.D. in history from Columbia University. He previously taught at Princeton University.  His writings have appeared in the  Journal of Policy History American Quarterly , and in  Evangelicals and the 1960s . He frequently contributes historical analysis to publications including the  New York Times Slate , and the  Huffington Post
He is available for speaking or commenting on any aspects of religion and politics in the U.S., including:
  • religion, faith voters, and the 2016 election
  • the history of the Religious Right 
  • religious conservatives and the Republican Party
  • religious liberty and the public square
  • evangelical culture and politics
  • Mormons and the LDS Church
  • the politics of abortion and same-sex marriage